The Brixham Pirate Festival Map for 2018

Ahoy There Me Hearties! 

This year we be providing a spectacular map to get you around the town during the festival!

These maps will be available for free from the Information Booth, but you can also download a digital copy here!

We look forward to seeing ye on the 5th, 6th and 7th!


Opening Procession

Muster from 10.00 at the top of Fore Street.

Saturday – 10.15. We will have the Official Opening by Brixham Town Council followed by a parade at 10.30 lead by Street Heat Samba and the BPF Colours.

Sunday – 10.30 Parade.

Join in and give us your best Captain Jack’s ‘Mincey Mincey’ or Swashbuckling Swagger.



The BPF Rules

We be an easy goin’ crew at the Brixham Pirate Fest, but there are some general rules of thumb we’d like ye all to adhere to savy?

  1. Please Keep the town tidy! There be plenty o’ bins with regular collection over the festival, use em! Keep our wonderful port clean for the next pirates!
  2. If ye carry a sword, make sure it be peace tied! The local constables will be keeping an eye out for loose swords, so it best be kept tied to your scabbard to avoid any entanglements with the law! (LARP, Foam and Toy swords are fine)
  3. Our cannons be loud! Check the map for an idea of firing times if you be sensitive with the hearing so ye can get some distance from the harbour during our displays of glorious firepower!


The 2018 Festival Map & Schedule

Requires a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader


What a Ship Concert

Have ye been lucky enough to get tickets to our very special evening concert on board the glorious El Galeon?  Here’s what you need ta know!

  1. Bring a copy of your PayPal receipt(s) and some ID to the Information Booth (near the main stage on the harbour) to collect your tickets on the Saturday. The earlier the better me hearties!
  2. Keep our guests’ ship clean! There will be bins on board the ship, be sure to use them or if you see litter on the poop deck be a good steward and pick it up and bin it! No Rubbish Overboard!
  3. Alcohol will not be served on board, however ye can bring your own! Please drink responsibly and read the following rules:
    1. No Glass! Wine boxes – Good , Wine Bottles – Bad!  No glass drinking vessels, Tankards or plastic cups are the way to go!
    2. Please drink responsibly! We want ye all to have a fun and trouble free time at the concert, so be easy on the grog as to not fall overboard or get sick on deck
  4. Security will be present to keep the ship in order and will reserve the right to turn away those who are beyond intoxicated or abusive, so be on good form me hearties!
  5. No large backpacks allowed (these can be left with security)
  6. No smoking on board
  7. No climbing on the rigging
  8. Be Kind and Courteous to the ships staff
  9. No drugs allowed !