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03 Oct

Please Vote for The Brixham Pirate Festival!

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The Brixham Pirate Festival has made the shortlist for this years HE Tourism Awards and for the first time, the awards are open to the public to vote!

Please cast your vote for The Brixham Pirate Festival and be sure to let your friends and family know to do likewise if they love and support the festival!

Be sure to use your real name and email, otherwise your vote may not be counted. Voting Ends November 9th, 2018

Cast Your Vote Now!


12 Mar

What a Shippy Concert!

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We’re extremely excited to announce in cooperation with Fundacion Nao Victoria, the first Brixham Pirate Festival Shippy Concert!

In the evening of Saturday May 5th, we will be holding a get together onboard the El Galeon! A tour of the ship will begin at 7pm and afterwards The Dolmen will be playing the night away on board the ship!

Space is extremely limited, so don’t wait, get in early! Tickets are only £12

Upon your purchase, a place will be reserved for you and a ticket available for pickup on the morning of the Festival. You will require a copy of your Paypal receipt and some ID to claim your ticket.

More details to follow!



30 Oct

Site Redesign!

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AAARGGH! We just finished the redesign of !  We hope to condense and simplify the years of content into a clean website where all the muck be chucked overboard into the arms of the sea!

At this time of year, we prepare and ready a lot of information, events, bands and more, so be sure to keep your one good eye on!

18 May

2017 Survey

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01 May

2016 Festival, the Story So Far….

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Day Two of the Festival has wrapped up, although the Pirating will surely continue through the night!

Tomorrow be the final day of the 2016 Festival! We’ve some great bands and activities planned, including the Pirate Squares draw at noon! As well as a cash winner for each board, a lucky sod will be picked at random from all the Pirate Squares entries and be given a fabulous prize I can not yet tell ye about on pain of death!

One correction to the published program, is that Melody The Mermaid sadly won’t be around tomorrow, but hopefully ye got to see the lovely lady on one of the first two days.

Thanks again fer ‘elping us make this festival a good un, let’s make Monday one to remember!


08 Apr

Pirate Procession

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Calling all brethren who rally to the Black Flag. We be ‘avin a Pirate Procession to open the festival on Saturday. Muster at the top of Fore Street for 10.30 when Styx Drummers will lead the Motley crew through town to the Main Stage, for more drumming and canon fire at 11.00 to declare the festival ‘Open’.

Start at the beginning or tag along as we go past!

Tobaccy Bill


23 Feb

Help us reach our goal at GoFundMe

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Even though The Brixham Pirate Festival is entirely free to all, the event itself is very large and very expensive to put on for you all.

We rely solely on donations and sponsorship, and to help us reach our minimum goal and cover this years’ costs, we have set up a GoFundMe page for people to easily and securely donate to the festival.

As a thank you, each person who donates will be put into a prize draw for a special prize (to be announced), and the largest single donation will also win a special 2016 Brixham Pirate Festival prize pack.

Simply click on the link below and donate whatever you can, each and every donation is greatly appreciated!

16 Jan

Portfolio Update

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We’ve just added some terrific photos from Brixham Pirate Festivals gone past by Darren Collins!

Thanks for the photos matey, see you on the wild seas!


05 Jan

Welcome to The Captain’s Log

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Welcaaaaarrrrm! To “The Captain’s Blog”, where you will be able to read about current happenings and shenanigans in the preparation for the 2016 Brixham Pirate Festival, as well as news, views and historical writings on all things pirate!

Check back soon for more, once my scribe wakes up from his New Years Eve grog binge!


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