On Being a Pirate..

Anyone can be a pirate at the Brixham Pirate Festival!  Whilst there are no guidelines or requirements for dressing the part or how you want to express your piratical nature, there are some requirements that must be followed when it comes to the law:

Swords are allowed as part of your costume, but must be “peace tied” to the scabbard, belt or sash, using rope, leather thong or zip-ties.   Security will be on the lookout for weapons not peace-tied and they will have zip-ties on hand should you require a means of fastening them.

It goes without saying, swinging swords about or firing your flintlocks into the crowd is strictly a no-no!

Skirmishes & Reenactments

One of the mainstays of our glorious festival, are the live skirmishes and reenactments! Militia, military and of course piratical, forces clash in a fantastic demonstration at select times over the festival weekend.

During these demonstrations you will see swashbuckling sword fights, ships being boarded, firefights and cannon fire!

Whilst these demonstrations are safe and exciting, some of the gun and cannon fire can be very loud, so we suggest ear protection for children and animals, or to put a little distance between yourselves and the action.