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The Brixham Pirate Festival

Celebrating The 12th Year!

One of Britain’s biggest and best (in our humble opinion), Pirate Festivals!

The Brixham Pirate Festival began in 2007 when members of the community decided to create an event to liven up one of the quietist bank holidays of the year.

Since those humble beginnings, the festival has grown into one of the biggest pirate gatherings in the world, and attracts people from all four corners to partake in a weekend of Piratical merriment!


Saturday April 30 : 10am-5pm
Sunday May 1 : 10am-5pm
Monday May 2 : 11am-4pm


Brixham, South Devon

What’s On This Year?

Living History


1800s Inspired Sailing Ship

With an impressive construction story and history, Atyla has also remained in the same family her entire existence.  Atyla’s current innovative project is building an international community of sailors skilled both on and off the water.

Trafalger Gun Co.

Artillery Displays

Trafalgar Gun Company specializes in staging artillery displays varying in size from small single cannon gun-drill demonstrations, right through large scale re-enactments,1812 and Battle Symphony accompaniment for symphony orchestras at open air stately home concerts.

We've come every year since 2012, fantastic fun for all the family!

– David Smith –

We can't wait to visit Brixham again, there is nothing like this Festival

– Louise Harison –

I be settin me sails fer Brixham to partake in this years festival!

– Captain Gingerbeard –


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