Atyla Comes to Brixham

This year, we will be welcoming the fantastic ship Atyla, to the 2022 Brixham Pirate Festival.



The wonderful Tall Ship Atyla will be sailing to The Brixham Pirate Festival from Bilbao, her home port. She’s a training ship, offering the experience of learning how to do all the tasks necessary to sail her and live on board with others, to all who sail on her. You’ll take part in everything so it will be a wonderful week full of activity.

Built  of wood during the 1980s, she has 2 masts, 9 sails (and engines) and was designed and built to traditional shipwright standards. She barks back to the sailing ships of old – but with some modern conveniences. 

She will be moored at the event pontoon, between the inner harbour and the marina. You will be able to go aboard and learn all about the mission and work of the Atyla Ship Foundation. (Fees may apply, charged by Atyla).

You could also sail on her if you book on their website. 

Would you like to take a week’s trip around the Bay of Biscay, leaving from Bilbao , arriving here in time for start of the Brixham Pirate Festival? Or you could sail away at the end of the festival for a week’s trip, arriving at Plymouth for its pirate festival the following weekend. 

Or maybe you’ll just join us as we watch her come in and then leave on  Monday 2nd May at 5pm….